Genuin FS 1 MK 2

Harmonic construction and simplification with a gorgeous 16in-38cm woofer.

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The new Genuin FS 1 MK 2 is a little bit more than a simple face lift of the 10 older Genuin FS 1. It is a big step forward in terms of construction philosophy and sound generation. This loudspeaker bears the technology introduced with the Gran Gioia and the Genuin FS 2: the Harmonic Construction and the floor ported bass reflex tunnel.
This 2 technologies instead of suppressing all unwanted vibrations, harmonically directs them in a studied way.
And of course complete new revised drivers, tuned for speed and optimised for efficiency and stability.


• High efficiency
• 2-Ways loudspeaker


• Floor ported Bass-Reflex
• Harmonic construction


• 1,4” Compression Driver with Titan membrane
• 16” Paper-Woofer
• Gold plated tellurium copper terminals


• 2-1dB-steps level adjustment for the horn
• Bi-wiring- / Bi-amping -terminals
• Switchable impedance linearisation for the crossover frequency
• Flat impedance curve
• Tube Friendly
• 10 years Warranty

Words of the press

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  • The Genuin FS 1 MK 2 delivers even more of that stuff which we like, mainly Dynamics and Resolution.
  • For Example with Nils Petter Molvaer […] the journalist sitting in the sweetspot was just able to groan with pleasure.
  • Direct, defined and this lightness that projected the bass impulse with absolute ease in the room - everything there, where it should be.
  • Male voices sounded sonorous, female voices open and free. This way it should be.
  • The virtual space seems to be deeper defined and the visual description of the stage bore at the same time more focus and power.
  • The famous horn coloration impressed by its absence.
  • Allrounder at highest level - with the add on of the kick for speed, timing, dynamic and resolution.
  • In the sum of the properties, I’ve never heard anything better in my rooms.

Technical Data

Genuin FS 1 MK 2
MaterialMaterialMaterialeBirch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betulla
ThicknessMaterialdickeSpessore18mm / 0,75"
Internal BracingVerstrebungIrrigidimentoStructural bracing interactionStrukturelle interaktionInterazione strutturale
Cross over chamberKammer für FrequenzweicheVolume separato per filtroNo
Frequency rangeFrequenzgangRisposta in frequenza36Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
Bass CabinetBass GehäuseCabinet dei bassiHarmonic
Bass Reflex
PortingBass ReflexCanaleFloorZum BodenA pavimento
WooferTiefmitteltönerWoofer380mm / 16"
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio850 Hz
MidhighMittelhochtönerMedioaltiCompression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressione
Horn ThroatHornDiametro tromba1,4"
Membrane dimensionsMembranendimensionDimensione Membrana75mm / 3"
MaterialMaterialMateriale TitaniumTitanTitanio
Max power inputBelastbarkeitPotenza massima (RMS)150 W RMS
EfficiencyWirkungsgradEfficienza96 dB
ImpedanceImpedanzImpedenza8 Ohm
Impedance linearizationImpedanzlinearisierungLinearizzazione d'impedenzaYesJaSi
MaterialMaterialMaterialeGold plated
tellurium copper
Vergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oro
FeetsFüßePiediAdjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabili
DimensionsMaßenDimensioni1160 x 450 x 620 mm
45,75 x 17,75 x 24,35 in
WeightGewichtPeso60 kg
Packaging dimensionsVerpackungsmaßenDimensioni imballate
Loudspeakers per cartonLautsprecher per KartonPezzi pro cartone1
Packaging weightVerpackungsgewichtPeso imballate70 kg
Center LoudspeakersCenter LautsprecherDiffusori centrali:Genuin CS 2 - Twin
Center 25


Dimensions of the Genuin FS 1 MK 2



In our workshop we can offer true-wood veneers.
Wood is a natural product and depending on several factors might have different color and structure. Color and structure variations of the surface are not to be considered flaws.