Genuin FS 2

Big sound: precision, speed, and depth. Tailored for everyone.

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The Genuin FS 2 has some variations to our concept: bass reflex directed to the ground. This is a concept shared between the Gran Gioia and the Genuin FS 2: borne trough a common development. Having the bass reflex directed to the ground moves much more air than a traditional bass reflex and much more involving and less intrusive is the power of the bass due to the much bigger activated surface. Changing the height to the ground the Genuin FS 2 allows to change the way the bass is playing according to the needs of the room and the personal tastes. The Speaker includes furthermore the possibility to align the mid high driver to the listening spot to get the best sound impression ever. Switchable cross over impedance correction and level adjustment complete the characteristics of the speaker to have it best driven by any kind of power amplifier.


• High efficiency
• 2-Ways loudspeaker


• Floor ported Bass-Reflex
• Harmonic construction


• 1,4” Compression Driver with Titan membrane
• 30cm (12") paper Woofer
• Gold plated tellurium copper terminals


• Bi-wiring- / Bi-amping -terminals
• Switchable impedance linearisation for the crossover frequency
• Tube Friendly
• Time alignment to the listening spot
• 10 years Warranty

Words of the press - Article

  • Seldom an acoustic guitar has been presented that convincing.
  • It transfers damn original: such authenticity is rare.
  • The Genuin FS 2 belongs to the best loudspeakers that ever came to my listening rooms.
  • High sound pressure possible. But it even at low volume it does not compress the dynamic. - Article

  • The Genuin FS 2 makes incredibly lot simply right.
  • The fine dynamics capacities of the Genuin FS 2 are state of the art.
  • Already with 20-Watt power amplifiers, the Genuin FS 2 is able to develop a firework of music.
  • For friends of tube amplifiers it is a dream come true.
  • Loudspeakers of this kind are far too seldom, there should be more that extraordinary and attractive.

The EAR - Article

  • Sitting still in my chair was not an option: the swing in the song moves my whole body and touches my heart.
  • Suddenly the drum solo arrives and the Blumenhofers go wild with a big, live sound.
  • No matter what you put into the Genuin FS 2, it will reproduce it with great ease, lots of detail, enthusiasm, a wide open stage and if needed a lot of subtlety. Each instrument is placed on its own spot and sounds the way it should do in its particular setting.
  • Expectations were high, because of the earlier listening sessions and all I can say is that they were fully met.

Audio-Activity - Article

  • The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, Kirov Orchestra, directed by Valery Gergiev (Philips) […] The violent finale of the “Intrada” of the “Pas de Deux” is reproduced with ease by the Blumenhofers. This is something that does not happen with the majority of the hi-fi components that we have in our houses!
  • These loudspeakers, despite the horns, are able to disappear and let the scene to music.
  • […] this is a device produced with care by someone that is not just an assembler […]

Technical Data

Genuin FS 2
MaterialMaterialMaterialeBirch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betulla
ThicknessMaterialdickeSpessore18mm / 0,75"
Internal BracingVerstrebungIrrigidimentoStructural bracing interactionStrukturelle interaktionInterazione strutturale
Cross over chamberKammer für FrequenzweicheVolume separato per filtroNo
Frequency rangeFrequenzgangRisposta in frequenza36Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
Bass CabinetBass GehäuseCabinet dei bassiHarmonic
Bass Reflex
PortingBass ReflexCanaleFloorZum BodenA pavimento
WooferTiefmitteltönerWoofer300mm / 12"
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio1150 Hz
MidhighMittelhochtönerMedioaltiCompression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressione
Horn ThroatHornDiametro tromba1,4"
Membrane dimensionsMembranendimensionDimensione Membrana75mm / 3"
MaterialMaterialMateriale TitaniumTitanTitanio
Max power inputBelastbarkeitPotenza massima (RMS)150 W RMS
EfficiencyWirkungsgradEfficienza94 dB
ImpedanceImpedanzImpedenza8 Ohm
Impedance linearizationImpedanzlinearisierungLinearizzazione d'impedenzaYesJaSi
MaterialMaterialMaterialeGold plated
tellurium copper
Vergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oro
FeetsFüßePiediAdjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabili
DimensionsMaßenDimensioni1112 x 332 x 455 mm
43,75 x 13 x 18 in
WeightGewichtPeso45 kg
Packaging dimensionsVerpackungsmaßenDimensioni imballate130 x 60 x 38 cm
Loudspeakers per cartonLautsprecher per KartonPezzi pro cartone1
Packaging weightVerpackungsgewichtPeso imballate55 kg
Center LoudspeakersCenter LautsprecherDiffusori centrali:Genuin CS 2 - Twin
Center 25
Center 20


Dimensions of the Genuin FS 2



In our workshop we can offer true-wood veneers.
Wood is a natural product and depending on several factors might have different color and structure. Color and structure variations of the surface are not to be considered flaws.